Elegant Rose

Saturday, 14 December 2013

On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas....

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
 my true love gave to me Eleven pipers piping,
 ten lords a-leaping, nine ladies dancing, eight maidsa-milking, seven swans a-swimming, six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings.Four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves 
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Counting down the busy days now.....
~ and jingling all the merrily way!

Busy with Bumble Bee!
But thinking of you all this Yule tide countdown...

The' Little green fire tree', straight and slim is finally decked...
~ Sadly 'Bob' our little tree from many Christmas moons
ago ( like the baby lambs) didn't survive well during the cruel spring time frosts
and bitter snow falls...
We have a new potted tree named Roberta!

She lights out kitchen with the prettiest twinkly festive glow!

Tonight I will be watching one of my Christmas movie favourites...
The Holiday!
I love the scenes in the typical English country pub!
And of course 'Rose cottage'!
It makes for a wonderful festive countdown....
With a nice glass or two of Oyster bay, I may add!
shhhh don't tell!
~ Tomorrow I will be in Bumble Bee for our 2nd Sunday opening!
~ Such fun!

Keep well and keep cosy lovely blog friends!
We are all busy, I know....
May the blessings of the season
 be with you all....

I will be talking more 
~ story telling soon of
'The Little Match girl'.......
A Winter's True Tale....
That saddened my heart!
See you all then...
And also of the kindest of kind give away I received  too!
Hugs and Twinkles to you all
~ Only Eleven more sleeps till Christmas!
Maria x
After word!
Had to let you all know my wonderful news..
I have just had a call from Dean.
A cheery one too..
I have just ran around the room, TWICE!
and rung my entire family....
~ I told them all to" tune into Question of sport" tomorrow as Dean is to be a guest on the show...
What I should have said is this...
" Dean has VIP tickets for not only
Sports Personality of the year" !!!
And the after party too!
Whoop! whoop!
I'm gonna be glued to the TV tomorrow looking for my boy!
Silly me. must be that Oyster Bay!
Wonder if Andy Murry is gonna take the prize?
What do you think?


  1. Good morning sweet Maria! The countdown is on, and I can see that your cottage is getting ready! HAPPY DAY! Anita

  2. Whey~Hey! It's ALL look'in gooooood! :)
    I've been wrapping preezies...Writing cards...(Yes! I can write).
    Did my crib last weekend....Love Christmas....
    Off to my daughters, week Monday, leaving car a home, off on
    the coach...Wells Fargo...HeHe! Change of horses at Bristol...

    Looking forward to Christmas day....Brace of robins, this year l
    think....! :>).
    And, l always chuckle when pulling the crackers...Many...Many..
    Many years ago, l used to write the jokes in them....Yeah! AND...
    Get paid for it.....True....
    How do snowmen get around...They ride an icicle..
    What did Santa say to the smoker....Don't do that, it's bad for your Elf..
    What did Mrs Claus say, when she looked out the window on Christmas
    Eve...Looks like rain deer...
    What's the most popular Christmas wine...I don't like Brussels Sprouts....
    HeHe! Enough of that silliness.....!

    And, Boxing day with all the cold meats.....I get to make the punch....
    It's great.....Use what ever you like really....BUT....Remember....
    1 of Sour...
    2 of Sweet....
    3 of Strong...
    4 of Weak.....(Usually water).
    Use a large glass mug, half fill with ice....Add ingredients...
    If you prefer it hot....Leave out the ice and just heat.......
    (It's lovely....Put hairs on yer chest).

    I'll take this opportunity to wish one and all, the loveliest....
    Kissmas ever....Have lots of fun.....I'm feeling fluffy.....HeHe!
    Ice~cream,...Ice~cream...I scream...For Ice~cream~~~~~~
    (See....Told you so)......God Bless......!x

    1. Willie! have you had a glass of Oyster bay too! hehe...Love to you and yours and festive hugs and all......Gonna read all this again, there's a lot to digest here!

    2. HeHe! It's the time of year for a good digestion...! :).

      Well! You know me...I do get carried away...Some
      people say the further the better...! :>).

      Have a great day at The Hive to~day..........

  3. I love your cheery posts Maria with all your gorgeous things.Your tree looks so pretty.We are almost ready now, I made our door wreath earlier, just have to hang it tomorrow.Have a lovely week XX

  4. Hi Maria,

    Just watched The Holiday with my youngest daughter. It's one of our Christmas favourits as well :-)! Your tree and decorations look lovely!!

    Happy Sunday and enjoy the film!

    Madelief x

  5. What a truly lovely post.
    There are always so many wonderful things to look at in your photographs.
    I love that you have toadstools on your tree, I have some too.
    They give the tree an Alice in Wonderland feel.

    Exciting news indeed about your Dean :)

    Have a lovely Sunday Maria xx

  6. Hello Maria
    Ooooh it all looks so warm and cosy..I love your little twinkly tree, I have my little bear on the tree too...Oyster Bay now we are talking..cheers!
    Still so much to do and so little time..( I have little surprise to tell, my daughter is expecting her second baby ,,due date Boxing day!! ) so Christmas will be very interesting this year hehe!
    Now I am off to find a nice glass of something
    Yule Tide Blessings
    Thea xx

  7. How VERY VERY exciting - I shall have to watch QoS on BBCi tomorrow ! You must be - well I can tell that you are - thrilled to bits. I was thinking about the summer before last only the other day and it bought tears to my eyes at the merest thought. Happy, lovely, exciting memories
    All this and Christmas too!
    Best wishes to you and yours

    1. Jenny, hello! It's sports Personality Of the Year! not QOS, my friend! And Dean is with his sporty pals in the audience, VIP tickets are from being in The Paralympic's of course...But it will be a full audience...Look for the hansom chap in the New Top Shop Suit! ( Livy sorted him out here) Maybe bearded, maybe not! ~ The joke was on me as i always, always get every thing totally wrong!! hehe..

  8. VIP tickets how exciting! Well done Dean, I hope you have loads of fun.
    Roberta looks beautiful, glowing away for all the world to see.
    Busy, busy, busy but could not miss a chance to call in and say hello to you my dear friend. I hope Bumble Bee’s second Sunday opening was busy but not so busy that you didn’t have time to enjoy a mince pie. If I don’t get chance to call back again before Christmas (I shall try!) I hope it will be a happy and peaceful one for you all. Barbara xx

  9. My dear and sweet Maria,

    Thank you for popping by to greet me! I am truly touched that you went out to the local park and watched, listened and saw nature in a different way...and that MAYBE, my post helped with that...one thing I've learned from my wonderful poetry teacher (she's from Leeds, you know!) is that poetry is supposed to make readers see the world in a different way. I just want to celebrate the ordinary, to lift up that which is around us and think about it...Happy Christmas my sweet friend! Anita

  10. Ooh I love all your Christmassy pics Maria! What a shame that Bob didn't make it ths year, he looked so strong and sturdy last Christmas ...

    I hope you got a glimpse of Dean the other night, I didn't read this in time I'm afraid, but how exciting ... and soon he'll be home!

    I've had enough sniffles (aftermath of the hairspray) to last us both a lifetime lately, so hopefully this Christmas will see us both fighting fit xxxx

  11. Poor Bob ... but Roberta is holding up well under all those pretty things, all your lovely chrismassy pictures are beautiful.. you are a treat to visit xx
    Hugs Lynn xx