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Monday, 22 April 2013

The Full Pink Moon...

~ "A Dreamer is some one who can only find his way by moonlight, 
And his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of 
the world"...... ~ Oscar Wilde.

~ The Full Pink Moon...
For those who follow the moon cycles, like me....
You will be aware we have the full pink moon this week.
This moon marks the appearance of pink ground Phlox, an early pink flower...
The amount of hope in the air during a full pink moon makes it the best time to ask some one to marry....
~ Taken from The Girl Who chased The Moon....

Pink for as long as I can remember has been my favourite colour!
~ and because we have the full pink moon this week, I thought my post would simply be a post of  giddy pink thoughts and of course pink pretty pictures.......

Libby Page's beautiful book full to the brim of pink....
A celebration of the colour itself in all its glory!

If the colour pink was to have a smell, how best would you describe this?.....
"A beautiful dusky rose...in full bloom or a strawberry ice cream on the warmest day ever."..

"Cerise pink, pale pink, candy pink, shocking pink" !
I would have the world made up of all the shades.......
My favourite vintage pink dress...

~ Pink for me is feelings of comfort, happiness and love...
I always add a dash here and there....
Let's just face it...... Pink ....just makes the world go around!!

~ Pink to make the boys 'wink'!.
~ A favourite basket of mine along with my crocheting that never ever seems to grow....
Any suggestions, please and thank you!
~ Too much blogging, I hear you say!

~ And baby pinks that dance in your mind with thoughts of 'twinkly' stars...

Olivia's first ballet slippers....
The meaning of pink in flowers...
~ Taken from Libby's book....
Pink Tulip ~ Caring...
Pink rose ~ Friendship....
Pink carnation ~ Gratitude, the hearts memory...
Pink peony ~ Bashfulness....


~ Any one for tea?
My very favourite teapot!
Only used when Mrs Thriftwood comes for tea , mind you!
Ooh Lady Grey, if you please for me...

"But if you would be so kind...I am most certainly not pink", says Smokey!
"But you are most certainly pretty", says me.....

~ Do you have a colour that makes you feel happy, fun loving, or even more alive, when either worn or used to decorate or embellish? I wonder...
Or like me, is there a colour that makes you feel giddy?

~ I will close for now...and leave you with this card, sent from my best friend! 
"She said she couldn't help but think of me"......
I do wonder why?.... I am a thinking it could be just that it is pink!
~ Thank you for the sweetest words on my earlier post!
They made my heart smile, they really did!
~ With giddy pink hugs to you all.......
 Maria x


  1. Oh my goodness, this post is just too beautiful! Beautiful words from you and Oscar Wilde, beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts.

    I had not thought about colours having smells, but you are quite right about strawberry ice cream on the warmest day, that is exactly how pink would smell!

    My favourite colour is turquoise blue; it always reminds me of summer days from my childhood. Summers back then were (in my imagination) warm and sunny and coloured all over in turquoise blue. Barbara x

  2. Oh! My Goodness! Oh! Dear! I'm cracking up already, have'nt even started yet....! :).
    PINK...PINK...PINK...! LOVE IT...LOVE IT...LOVE IT...! :).
    I've loved it from the day l was born....I was born you know...I just did'nt happen..! HeHe!

    If you've read my Blog, you will see the reason, of my love for Pink! Sicilian women, are supposed to know the sex of their child before it is born...Mia Mama! prepare 'everything' in Pink. And, l came along, so for the first 12-14 months l was dressed in Pink..Dresses, cardies, shoes...etc..! Fortunately, back in those days photos were in black/white, so, the Pink outfits came out, white.....Phew!
    So, all my life, l've been in LOVE with the colour...PINK!

    There's very little that 'I Don't' know about Pink!
    It represents Compassion, Nurturing and Love.
    Unconditional Love...and the giving and receiving of nurturing.
    Pink is feminine, romantic, affectionate and intimate.
    In Psychology it's a sign of hope...!

    Just thought of a friend of mine, who passed away some years ago now...Something he always said....As l dress in Pink quite a lot, the way l act, speak, generally behave, people have thought l was.....Well....Gay! HeHe!
    Far from the truth...I'm afraid...
    He used to say..."Willie's a Kit-Kat....Not a Curly-Wurley...".
    Lovely character....Miss him!

    I bias perhaps...BUT...This has to be the best post ever Maria....Love It....!
    As l usually do, l send your posts onto my daughter, she'll love seeing the Pink ballet shoes, as l still have hers in the wardrobe...!

    Ah! Wonderful...I could go on forever....!
    Thankyou Maria...Thankyou...!
    From the heart and mind of a true 'PINK' Sicilian.....Bless!

    "She turned her can'ts into cans....And her dreams into plans..".
    (Kobi Yamada). x

  3. Ooh you know I love pink too! Looking around I've got lots of pink popping about ... Still got Milie's tiny ballet shoes too. Love having tea from that teapot, we'll have to do it again very soon ....

    Have a rosy week!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Oh you've left me feeling tickled pink! A very pretty post. We still have lots of ballet shoes in our house, they are just so sweet. I like blues and purples but I think that's because I always feel good when wearing those colours. I loved the card I think every woman should carry a copy of this in her bag. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  5. I am always tickled pink when I visit here with you Maria. You have such a wonderful soft and lovely way about you . I bought beautiful pink Gerber Daisies this morning I shall think of you and smile when I gaze upon them. Xoxo Willow

  6. Now you have set Willie off again...!

    That is strange about the moon and the colour because we are off to see "Pink" at the o2 this week.....?

    Daisy x

    1. Sorry...Sorry...Sorry...! HeHe! :0).

      oooooO! Pink...aka..Alecia Moore...Yes!
      Although l'm strictly soul...I do like her,
      very good entertainer....!
      If you need a Pink flag to wave Miss Daisy,
      Let me know......!
      Have a great night....Oh! AND...Leave the crochet
      at home eh!

    2. ~ Willie, You and I will be getting talked about on here! To be honest I sent out the post thinking ~ Over to you now Willie! haha! WOW love Pink aka Alecia Moore (didn't know that was her name) have a super time, Miss Daisy! ~ and Willie I am with you all the way with PINK! hehe...

  7. Oh yes Maria, Pink is my favourite colour especially the dusky hues... such a pretty post,
    I love your cushion and your dusky rose and what a pretty dress..I too shall be watching out for the Pink full Moon, you know how I love the moon too,
    Moonbeam sprinkles
    Thea x

  8. I do love pink too, especially if there's some green with it... I adore green, I love so many colours. I love the card your friend sent you, I have a friend who that would suit just fine :) xx

  9. Such beautiful words by Oscar Wilde. What a horrible punishment to see the dawn before the rest of the world!

    Pink is one of my favourite colours too. Especially in the garden and on teacups :-)!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  10. Am feeling in the pink after reading your rosey post. Such lovely images. Oh and you're never to old to wear fishnets, get yourself some hot pink ones to go with that yummy vintage frock. Sarah x

  11. If someone had asked me I would have guessed your favourite colour would have been pink!! Your posts are always pretty and rosey. I didnt know that about the pink moon either, I have learned something new! Have a lovely week Maria XX

  12. I've always loved pink too....there was an unusual glow in the sky tonight, wonder if it has anything to do with a pink moon! :) x

  13. oh lovely lovely post.......i didn't want it to end......love the thought of a pink moon......funny as i was only just saying to my husband that a chunky knit bright pink cardigan he gave to me for christmas is my favourite thing at the moment.....comfy, snuggly and just lifts my spirits when i wear it....happy pink wishes and a sneaky glass of my fav. pink champagne for you x

  14. What a pretty-in-pink post Maria! I love the pink teapot ... the perfect pot for tea with Mrs. Thriftwood! My daughter loves pink too, and it always makes me smile when she says "PINK!" whenever I ask her to choose a colour for something. I'll have to watch out for that pink moon as the skies are clear for the next few days. Have a great week! Wendy xox

  15. So many pretty pink items - I think I have basket envy! :) I too have kept my daughter's first pair of ballet shoes and I will be looking out for the pink moon. Best wishes, Pj x

  16. Oh my goodness ... you have set Willie off haven't you and I can vouch that he really does dress in pink, even down to his pink phone ... you've gotta love him!
    What a lovely post to brighten everyone's day and I LOVE that dress.
    M xx

  17. I'M UP FOR TEA under the pink moon with you, and anyone who LOVES LA LUNE!

    Oh dear one, thank you for reminding me about this phenomenon that I just cannot miss THURSDAY! But I am going to watch for it tonight as well....what a lovely post, thank you for the beauty you spread around the world! Anita

  18. Hi There,
    This post is looking so good with all the lovely pictures and write up as well. Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for sharing your talent! Take care.
    Best Regards, Sonia !!!

  19. I wonder if your garden is filled with pink flowers too...?

  20. Pink isthe colour of love! And I love this post. Minerva x

  21. I'm a pink girl through and through! My mother used to say..'pink to make the boys wink'.
    Love that little umbrella brooch,so pretty.

    Bellaboo x

  22. Hola Maria,qué post tán bonito!! me encánta el color rosa y tu casa está llena de detalles con el color rosa,preciosos detalles.

  23. Pink is such a pretty colour. My favourite shade would be the pale pink of roses and silk ballet shoes. I imagine it to smell of roses strawberries, sherbert and marshmallow. :) x