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Monday, 15 April 2013

Never more..........

~" Old things are more beautiful.
than many things brand new...
Because they bring fond memories of things we used to do.
Old photographs in albums, love letters tied in red lace....
Recapture those old feelings that new ones can't replace..
Baby pink shoes, a teddy bear, a ring that Grandma wore 
are treasures waiting there behind a door marked 'never more'..........

~ Unknown....

Today I am pondering on becoming vintage.... and wondering just when this happens... Does it creep up on you in the small hours of the night....or is it lurking there all along...I personally think the latter.......
How about YOU?
Olivia asked me to answer some questions for her media course work and it got me a- thinking a little...
The topic was VINTAGE, of course...
And this being very close to my heart.......

The Questions.....

~ "Mum did you always like 'things' that belonged to other people", she asked!
~ And did you wear second hand clothes in the eighties too ? 
( I still do, was my reply)
"Who was your favourite all time rock band during this time"
~ And what was your biggest desire and dream, when you were younger?

Above is......
~ The finished piece for her magazine in print!
It was an interesting little article to do with my daughter....
I think you can see I simply loved  INXS and Olivia now has the original album,' Kick' on her bed room wall.....
( It all comes back again, doesn't it just )
Never tear us apart is 'our' song.....
I also loved the Smiths...which Olivia plays too!
My one big dream was to visit the ice caps in Canada and 'Save Seals' from the terrible slaughter of seal clubbing...
I was passionately into animal rights campaigning and Green peace....
( still am)

~ Although I now listen to more 'vintage music'....
Julie London ....The original cover....
I found this copy just recently.
I can look back with fondness at the eighties....they were such fun years after all.....
~ I  did learn that loving  vintage didn't just creep up on me, during the 'wee' hours of the night.....NO it was there all along.....
From desiring my grandmothers pretty rose teas sets and Mums beautiful cards from her past with the most sweetest sentiments....
 To making my own zany frocks and wearing them rather oddly, I may confess!
(Olivia now does this ....)

(Mum's 21st birthday cards....)
I did have dreams of living in the capital in my younger years....
I am glad they no longer reside....
Our home, although an on going project.... is made up of pieces that have already had a past life!
It is just me....
It seems to have evolved gently through time just like we have....
Painted and cherished and brought back to life!
I do bring home a lot of pieces of furniture, that I have painted up from the little vintage shop were I spend my hours...
( I do have to sneak them in now)
~ as men nearly always notice some thing new! or old.... hehe......But we are birds of a feather and he nearly always LOVES it as much as me!
So that's fine!
~ The thatched cottage with wild pink roses will follow one day.........
I always had thought's that our town was just rather quiet ish!
~ and  never appreciated just how the lake district was on our door step, even though we spent all our summers, travelling in our little Triumph  Herald car.....all around them....
Olivia has added a really old  photograph of us all camping out with our beloved dog, Pip!
She was our companion on all our adventures.....
( This was the seventies)
but, Olivia liked the look of the old photography!
( I hope you can just make this out)

Talk about treading down memory lane....
We spent a good two hours reminiscing....such fun!
And do you know I had honestly forgotten about the 'Me', before becoming a Mum and Carer....
Actually I still wear second hand clothes and save animals, so much is just the same...hehe...

Moving swiftly on...with a skip and a jump!

This week I received a lovely gift from a give away by Ted and Bunny blog spot!

~ A wonderful vintage address book, with the prettiest pictures inside... Just lovely!
Thank you once again!

Do pop on over and say a hello...
~ there is always such vintage loveliness to see and appreciate there....
Well that's a peek of my weekly pottering' s and puttering's....
~ I wonder has your week been one of the  reminiscing kinds.....?

I will close for now and I just wanted to say 'thank you for the kindest comments always..They do make my day a jolly one!

~ A few peeps asked just what was inside the Cath Kidston parcel from Dean..... from last postie!
~ I can tell you it was just as pretty as the wrap!
This pretty floral measuring jug and spatula.....
~ Leaving you with this one thought...".Do you remember your one day dreams?
did they blow away in the wind, or did you grow gently into them" !
Take time to dream, my friends.....
Love Maria x


  1. Goooodness Maria....You sure do know how to make a grown man......Cry! NOT! In sadness...Just memories...memories.....And, more memories...
    Now! Willie! Pretend your a pair of curtains......
    AND, pull yourself together...! :).

    Vintage...Old....Past...I've always believed that ones age is between ones ears....I have friends, 10-20yrs younger than me...And, there old, they even say there old....How sad is that.! I relate to younger people...Up till last September, l had an fan club, for two years, of 17/18yr old's....O.K. there were only nine of them....But, hey what fun...! :).

    Music....Well, l'm strictly Soul...
    Back in the 60's when everyone went silly on the Beatles/Rolling Stones....I took to Motown...And, never looked back...It runs in my blood....Everyone who knows me...My life is run on two things...My music...My emotions...!
    Bit eccentric to...But hey 'What you see is what you get...'.
    (Goodness me...This is all a bit serious)HeHe!

    AND...Maria...Keep do'in what yer do'in...Keep think'in what yer think'in...Oh! And, keep these lovely posts coming....I can read 'between' the lines...It's one of my many talents....! HeHe!
    And, this post is a little special...Me Thinks...! Lovely! :>).

    "Don't walk in front of me, l may not follow...
    Don't walk behind me, l may not lead....Walk beside me, and be my friend...".

    1. Oh! Maria....Nearly for-for-got...!
      You mentioned on Miss Daisy's Blog, that you have
      never been to an Ikea...Maria...Go! Go! Find your
      nearest one and, Go!
      I'd never been to one either, until my daughter took
      me to the one in Nottingham, Christmas gone....It blew
      my mind...Went for the day...Fantastic.
      Soon as l got back l Google Ikea, closest one to me is
      Southampton, though l have'nt been yet. There are only
      14 in the UK. You must go............!

    2. Dear Willie! I simply LOVE Motown too and Northern soul....I was brought up on it after all.....My big bro has so many singles from the time....YOU would know them too....He is having a Northern soul night for his Birthday ( big 50) later in the summer time! cannot wait! Will drop some very BIG hints to my man, about IKEA! we don't have any shops like that near us! am afraid! ~ Thanks Willie, your comments always make my day!


    My dear heart, this is a wonderful post and I welcome it so, as I sit here trying to read and think about my next post. My birthday is April 23, and I think I mentioned it since I seem to remember you saying your birthday was also this month.

    I cannot even begin to compare my thoughts with yours, but let's just say that I am welcoming the years. They are a gift and all the accomplishments, lessons learned and contributions received and given are all part of the celebration. I love that you got published in a magazine! That is one of my goals in life!

    I wish you countless blessings as each day becomes more and more a gift for daily birth and renewal!


    1. ~ Lovely Anita...Your beautiful post inspired the memories.....This is a publication, just for my daughters college work....But it still was beautiful arranged..This picture doesn't really do it justice! I was just proud that she wanted to interview me! Good old Mum! Sending blessings and thoughts for your special day on the 23rd...Anita..." Do what makes your heart smile" My lovely friend! x

  3. I think sometimes we just fall into a way, we like things and they stick.. some we inherit.
    Its nice to look back at mom's things. I dont have much , i must say, but i have memories.
    well done with your publication.
    lovely presents for your birthday from Dean.
    congrats on your giveaway.
    always nice to visit your blog Maria.
    best wishes val.

    Maria.. I see that you have not been recieving my updated posts on your side bar.. I thought i was having trouble with blogger. Some people recieve them others are not. I have done all I can. So now, what i am asking, if you would like.. is to join my site again. Rosemary did it and it worked. I am missing out on so much.
    hope its not too much trouble.. I am still here.
    love val xx

    1. ~ Hello Val, I have popped over to you and of course followed you again!

  4. Hello Maria, What a lovely, lovely post. It doesn't surprise me that you have always been a vintage person. I smiled when you said becoming a Mum made you forget about me. My friend and I discussed this and decided our New Years resolution would be to take more care of ourselves. Guess what, we forgot to do it, too busy caring for everyone else. I absolutely love Dean's presents they look far too pretty to use. Hope the sun is shining in Cumbria, it has finally showed it's face here today. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x
    PS Olivia's article looks wonderful!

    1. ~ Ali hello! you always speak the truth! We do forget about US! I was so ill over Christmas and New year, that I made 'that' resolution and guess what I forgot it too!The sun is shinning here too! Yippee! Popping over to you!

  5. I think vintage is 'in us' at birth! I always liked old things that had already had a life, and really don't like anything shiny and new! A lovely post Maria, and the magazine article looks amazing ... Fame at last!

    Looking forward to tomorrow, I'll pick you up around 11?

    Love Claire xxx

    1. ~ Aww brill, thanks Mrs Thriftwood.. That is kind of YOU! x

  6. Maria your posts are always so heart warming and full of charm. Looking at your mom's birthday cards made me think of when we used to sit with a box of my mom and dad's wedding cards as children. The pictures seemed from a bygone age then, well 1960 was so long ago!!! I love vintage and little bits keep sneaking into our mainly modern home. Actually I sneaked in a child's folding chair just today, I thought the faeries would like somewhere to sit. Have a happy week. Sarah x

    1. ~ Hi Sarah....How thoughtful....Fairies must be busy souls....and having some where to rest is a lovely thought! hehe...with 'Twinkles' *** Maria x

  7. Hello Maria, what a brilliant piece of work Olivia has produced, she's a very clever cookie. A fantastic subject too, of course !!!
    I remember walking along the beach in Jersey where I lived for a few years, with my Sony walkman plugged in, all by myself and listening to Dinah Washington. She is my favourite. My mother always said I was born in the wrong era as I listened to Frank Sinatra, Julie London, Ella, Nina et al, when my friends were blasting out chart music.
    I haven't seen the contents of my home since November and I can't wait till we'll be reunited in July. Then I can do some home making and feel less the nomad that we've all become recently. I love the travel but there really is no place like home.
    Have a super week Maria xox

    1. ~ I could have been born in the wrong era too, Kate! LOVE Frank and Nina and Julie London....Wishing you and your furniture to be reunited as soon as possible! I know home is where the heart is....But your new life looks amazing...thanks for sweet comments always....x

  8. This is a lovely post to read Maria, full of loveliness. Your posts always cheer me up when I feel down.

    1. Hi Anne....thanks you for popping by with sweet comments always...x

  9. Reading your thoughts makes me always thinking about things, smile, feel good. Yes, it's a pleasure sharing with you your own experiences or daily's life events. I enjoy my visits in your warm corner of blog land. I send you my sweetest regards dear Maria and wish you a peaceful and creative week !

    1. Dear Olympia....I send your those same sweet regards and wish your week to be as delightful as YOU are...x

  10. A heart warming post full of memories. I, too loved INXS and liked Northern Soul and Motown. I used to love listening to Grace Jones singing Tainted Love.
    I have the same problem as Val above - my posts are not updating on followers reading lists. If you have a mo do drop by!

    1. ~ i have popped over June...but struggled with the following of your blog....I will of course try again...Thanks for kind words always...x

  11. I've always liked old stuff. I used to love snooping around flea markets and antique shops even when I was young. Old things intrigue me with their history and actual purpose. I was so thrilled on the weekend to find a sort of high-end consignment store full of antiques! AND it's in the same city where my dad lives ... making THAT weekly visit suddenly more attractive when I can tack a visit to a good store on the end ;) Have a great week Vintage Maria! Wendy

    1. ~ Wendy, I truly understand this more than you know...Can't wait to see what you have 'thrifted' from these trips...x

  12. Oh I love reading your posts and reading about what you find near and dear Maria. I think it is wonderful when people truly take joy in their hobbies and the way of life that brings them joy and it becomes comforting and fun for. As you know I have always loved animals and gardening and my day dreams as a child growing up was to one day have a little farm with lovely gardens and wonderful little creatures ... I feel so blessed to now be living my humble little dream :)

    1. ~ Hi Willow....YOU are living the dream, my lovely friend! x

  13. Dear Maria, I am visiting because Willie told me to! And very glad I did too, lovely blog - I have some archive digging to do for sure. I will just say, "thank you" (NOT!) for your background music! I will have that darned tune in my ear all day now!!!
    I too was brought up on Northern Soul - just a few (ahem) decades before you! After growing up in two different northern cities, my other half and I spent half our married life moving around with the Royal Navy, we longed to put roots down - preferably country roots for our boys to grow up away from all that was wrong with city life in the 80's and 90's. We love where we live and more or less (life is never perfect!) are following our dream.

    1. ~ Hi Lynne, welcome....Point taken....April showers have gone away till another day... thank you for your visit....x

  14. Hello Maria
    What a beautiful post, Olivia has got us all thinking..I think vintage is in our blood there is no way out..I have always loved the history of items and the story they tell.

    I was a Motown girl..but I did go out with a boy who worked for the Who, so I liked them too ( I will go into more detail on a post one day he he!)

    I longed to see a reindeer in the wild when I was younger, but as you have probably read Fin made this dream come true on a birthday visit to Scotland..

    Your Mums cards are so very special as are your Birthday presents

    Hope you had a wonderful day with Claire..one day I will join you both until then... take care from one vintage secondhand rose to another
    Thea x

    1. ~ We will hold YOU to this Thea! Blog get togethers sound so special..Just imagine we wouldn't be short of conversations...hehe! Glad you are back, my friend!

  15. Thank you precious Maria, for coming by. We are left here to run the race, and what a rigorous one it is. Good will overcome, won't it dearest?

    Be well, enjoy peace and beauty. Anita

  16. Hi Maria - What a lovely post ... it sent me off down Memory Lane! Thoughts of wearing strange thrifted outfits to Glastonbury in the 80s, dancing to The Specials and parading the Kings Road, thinking I was the 'bees knees'!! I love listening to Julie London and some of the old crooners today too! I also love 'White Mink' - have a listen to them ...
    Vintage is definitely in my blood - my parents always had a house full of 'finds' and had a stand at various antique fairs every month (there were no 'vintage' fairs then!).
    Your daughter has done a wonderful job.
    Hope the sun shines on you this week.
    M xx

  17. hello maria........what a lovely read....i am all reflective and nostalgic now....i was always a vintage girl. only the other day my mum was laughing remembering me on my 18th birthday meal turning up in some massive vintage brown platform maryjane shoes......my family thought it was hysterical but i loved them (still would if i knew what happened to them!)have a lovely day sending you twinkles! x

  18. There is just so much loveliness in the post I don’t know where to start.
    Your mum’s birthday cards, the Cath Kidston jug, the pretty doggy pic, Olivia’s piece on you, and on and on. Just lovely! I’ve been ‘vintage’ for so long I can hardly remember when I wasn’t!

  19. ~ Hello Barbara....thank you! I could do a 'wee' post on the Doggie card..It is almost 60 years old and is written inside from my dad to Mum, from Christmas time.... from before they were even married! I lost my Dad when I was young, so it means an awful lot to me! You are always so lovely!

  20. Hello there ! ah what a charming post ! and how lovely that you have your mams 21st birthday cards !! Mark always says I am... "out with the new and in with the old" !! ... well older things do have more character don't they......have a nice weekend in the sunshine (at last) ..Gail x

  21. At first I thought you were talking about growing older, that is, "becoming vintage". I think I've become antique!
    As for WEARING vintage, I've been doing that since the 1960s when, sadly, we cut the skirts off thirties gowns to turn them into minis, and pinched our Mums' fur coats.

  22. hello Maria, just popping by to say that blogger has been mis behaving and your post are not coming up on my news feed...apparently it is happening on a few blogs I don't know why...i was wondering if you were ok as you hadn't posted!! but you had all along!! and I just didn't know...so sorry am catching up now...xx :-)