Elegant Rose

Friday, 26 April 2013

It's A Wonderful World......

~ "Little lamb who made thee
dost thou know who made thee....
gave thee life and bid thee feed
by the stream and o'er the mead...
Gave thee clothing of delight,
softest clothing woolly bright;
Gave thee such a tender voice,
Making all the vales rejoice!
Little lamb who made thee...
 Dost thou know who made thee"
~ William Blake...

~ You would have needed your Rosey Tinted Spectacles to see the 'full pink moon' last evening....
I wore mine all day....
~ and little 'Larry' here was born....
Under the April full pink moon...
I think you can just see the pink glow about him...
~ His Mummy just managed to give him the gift of life and is still quite poorly...
He belongs to my lovely sister law, and lives on her small farm, close by me....
He is safe and warm by her open fire on a blanket of soft pink wool...
~ He is quite possibly a very lucky lamb indeed.....

~ I think you can guess the sheer size of him compared to Patrick's hand here..
A little guy, just new to the world....
~ and missing his mummy terribly!
~ He is being fed by bottle every few hours....

It's a wonderful world....
Don't you think ?
~ And I think I may just be in love........
Told you that full April moon was special....!
Have a weekend full of magic...
~ Love Maria x
After word....
Dear little Larry, didn't make it over the weekend....
~ but he did know kindness in those short days he was with us...
God bless. x


  1. How many times can one say....Ah!
    Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?
    As for lovely..lovely Larry.....
    He's the bees knees...If bees had knees..!
    He's wonderful....I'm not, usually lost for words,
    but..................x :).

    If anyone would like a few more Ah's....
    Take a look at place not far from me.....

    Wonderful post Maria...Wonderful...
    Oh! And, love the new curser...Never seen
    that before...Lovely...!

    Happy 'Pinkness' to one and all....Have a
    great weekend...! :>).

    1. ~ I have a soft spot for the old.Ah's.......So will pop on over and have a peek....~ thanks Willie...you always make me smile :)

  2. Precious Maria! I SAW THE MOON! I SAW HER and she was stunningly beautiful! I had to go up to the second floor of my home with my binoculars and I had never seen the moon that low on the horizon, but she kept rising and when she did, she was wrapped in a hazy mist. GLORIOUS!

    Now as for this sweet little lamb....my goodness is he ever precious! How is his mummy? I hope she is well?

    Have a beautiful day and I hope little Larry grows strong and his mum. Anita

    1. ~ You share the magic, Anita! You saw the pink around the moon...I promise I will keep every one up to date with dear Larry and of course his dear Mum...x

  3. Oh my he is adorable, what a lucky little lamb, I do hope his mommy is ok. What a blessing on such a rosy pink night .... Sarah x

  4. oh I too am in love. . .yesterday evening Peapod the goat who I milk, gave birth to 3 little kids. . .2 boys, and beautiful Peony the little girl who I saw born. Totally in awe. . .

    1. ~ Hello awwww lucky YOU! That's so special....LOVE the name Peapod! ~ if Larry struggles to take the bottle....He may need to be nursed by a goat!! May be in touch, my friend!

  5. Very cute ... as are all baby animals. This little lamb, born under a pink moon got the name "Larry"?! And I wonder if you are sleeping beside the lamb's fireside bed, or did you bring him home with you? You are a soft-hearted soul. Have a great weekend with the woolie guy ;) Wendy

  6. it ws a beautiful moon last night Maria, even I noticed it! Larry is so lovely, but I agree with Wendy, a more imaginative name would have bee nice! Lunar, maybe? I wouldn't have been able to tear myself away from him, and I suspect you will have found it very hard! What a privilege to be present at his birth ....

    Have a lovely weekend, and see you soon!

    Love Claire xxx

    1. ~ Hello Mrs! ~Larry doesn't live with me and belongs to four children...I would have named him Bo...~ but he kinda looks a Larry...hehe...

  7. Such a cutie. How wonderful to be able to see nature at such close quarters.

  8. Want one !!!
    Oh so sweet..and yes what a fabulous moon ! I noticed this week just how busy all the birds are too...making nests and foraging. Have a lovely weekend...Gail x

  9. Oooh Maria he is so sweet, bless him.. he will be one of the family now
    I hope his Mum pulls through
    I was a little sad last night as it was so cloudy the moon was nowhere to be seen..Then I woke up at in the wee hours and there he was shining his beautiful face at me..so very special
    Magical wishes
    Thea x

  10. Oh he's so cute. I'm glad he's safe, warm and well looked after. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  11. Little Larry is perfectly adorable! I do hope his mummy will be OK, and that they will be reunited soon. Have a lovely weekend. Barbara x

  12. How sweet is Larry :) I do hope his Mummy gets better soon and I hope you are well also Maria x

  13. Good morning precious ones! How is the little lamby? How is his mummy? Please tell me she is well....

    OH DID I ENJOY that pink moon the other night! I did not want to miss her! I took my binoculars up to my balcony and had the perfect, the most silent and uplifting experience. THANK YOU MY DEAR! And thanks for coming to visit my French post. It will be fun to watch and I do hope you can make it to follow the party links. LOVE! Anita

  14. The moon was out and shining in all her glory. I didnt have my camera with me on returning home from dinner last night.. it was a magnificent full moon.
    Sweet little Larry. I am sure he will come on very very well.. being cared for by your sister and family.
    They do miss their mummies and cry a lot. Maybe soon mummy and Larry will be together.
    lovely post as always Maria.
    Happy weekend
    val xx

  15. I will add a word of admiration for wonderful William Blake, one of my favourite poets! And how did my little arrow turn into a pink rose??? MAGIC!

  16. Lovely Larry! I hope his Mummy gets better soon! :D

  17. Qué preciosidad! es tán tierno.

  18. Maria ... Oh little Larry is the sweetest ! It must be love to hold him close. I hope all is well ... sending good thoughts and well wishes.

  19. Little Larry is a very lucky sweet lamb! It's so wonderful how people and animals can love each other!
    You are so kind to take care of him! I hope his mother is doing well now !
    Best wishes and kisses !

  20. Adorable ... oh to have a little lamb fall asleep in your arms.
    I caught up with Willie on Saturday ... he couldn't stop talking about the lovely Maria! Oh, he did make me smile as does your blog ...
    M x

  21. Maria .. so sorry to hear of little Larry's demise very sad but as you say a short life filled with love .. Sarah x

    1. ~ Thanks Sarah, Wish he had lived.....I was hoping and praying he would be one of the lucky ones....~ Farming is so tough! .~ but his last days were warm and safe....so many have passed in the snow....so sad..

  22. Dear Maria, I'm just catching up in blogland as I had to have a little break. Poor little Larry...at least he was loved, even for a little while. Like the music playing, made me feel so relaxed! I am so looking forward to catching up on lots of posts. Blogging world is a fabulous place and I have a few spare hours to 'fill my boots' hehe Karen x

    1. ~ I have been over to you, Karen, but am struggling to leave a comment...Naughty blogger is playing up with a few blogs...x Glad you are back......~ and thank you! soooo many baby lambs been lost this harsh spring time...so cruel...x.

  23. Thankyou once again for your e-mail Maria....Thankyou!

    I've just read Rosemary's post of to-day, at Westhill Farm.
    Apparently a young lamb, got tangled in the electric fence,
    she got him out, but, he kept running round in circles, he
    has since had a stroke and died...! Never fair is it!

  24. Poor sweet Larry, a short life, but he certainly left his mark.

    Bertie x

  25. Awww R.I.P little Larry.... Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.When a pet dies who has been especially close to a person here on earth, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.- Legend of Rainbow Bridge
    by William N. Britton

  26. What a beautiful sweet little guy. I am so happy he was loved while he was there. Thank you for following my blog. It is nice to meet you.

  27. ~ Thank you for all these kind thoughtful words....x

  28. Dear Maria, thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. I wanted to pass both awards on to you, but respected your request. Please accept this is my award to you – without the award! Barbara x

  29. Oh my dear.....when I saw your comment about Larry, I just broke up.....but HE DID KNOW KINDNESS and that is the biggest gift...to know love and die being loved. I am so sad...thank you for coming to visit me. I so enjoy all my friends, and when a special friend from overseas comes, it really is special. Much love to you Maria and GO GB in JULY! May you son be well and fit for the task!!!! Anita