Elegant Rose

Saturday, 9 February 2013

~ A Little Secret.....

February arrives cold, wet and grey. Her gifts disguised for only the most discerning spirits to see......~Simple Abundance.

Breakfast in bed...

Can I tell you all a little secret? I wonder....
  It is a simple honest secret and quite close to my heart.
~ I have simply fallen in love with blogland!

~ And because this is the month of love......
It feels right to be telling YOU all this secret.
~ I guess being on here gives me a voice I didn't really know I had!
I do wear a 'blue lace agate' crystal each day. This keeps me grounded, aware and opens up the throat chakra of speech.
It is known as the 'Voice' crystal, I believe.
I am a shy person, always have been.
~But I am learning very hard not to be...

~ Always putting down my thoughts and feelings on paper...
A year ago this week, my Olivia helped me post my first words on here...

She is also a magical one.....
She believed when small that the fairies on her wall paper came alive at bed time.

I was so excited I couldn't sleep at all that night after sending out my blog into the virtual world!

I simply love the friends I have made on here and  looking at your creative makes and vintage finds...Fills me up so much I haven't had an impulse recently to buy the various home mags.
So blogland is saving my pennies also!!
(Patrick will be pleased)

Feeling the magic in this wonderful little read too!
If you loved 'Practical Magic' .....the movie, this book will be your cup of tea!
It's really enchanting and I can't put it down!

~ I would like to also announce the winner of my little give away too!
Just a small token to say thank you for tuning in always...

Olivia choose a name from my 'cloche hat' again!
All above board!
~ And the winner is lovely, Sarah!
Sarah let me know your address and I will pop in the post for YOU!

I am sure these will go in your sewing tin very nicely!

~ I have another pesky cold today....
so I'm being kind to myself!
This winter seems to be getting the better of  us all.
Chin up I say!
Roll on spring time.......

~Talking of Spring time.....
I planted sweet Trinny in this pot and she seems to be blooming very nicely.

Be kind to your selves and be with those you love this Valentines day too!
I wonder what plans you have in mind?
Bye for now....
Love Maria x


  1. Hi Maria,I must look out for that book it looks and sounds really good.Im happy here in bloggy land, have met some lovely bloggy friends and love looking at all the lovely blogs.Love Jill xx

  2. I'm glad you joined blog land too! Cat in a flower pot, they find all the best places don't they! :) x

  3. Hello Maria, Another lovely post and I'm so glad you decided to start a blog. Your writing is always so beautiful and poetic. I have to admit blogland is such a lovely place to visit I could spend far too much time here. Congratulations to Sarah , what lovely gifts she'll receive. I had a peek on amazon at Garden Spells and it sounds like a wonderful book another one for my list. Trinny looks so cute in the flower pot. Are you hoping she'll grow bigger or for a crop of more cats, he he. Hope your having a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

    1. Ali, I can loose a day being on here!!
      Tis my guilty pleasure....hehe x
      Ooh NO more moggies, pleaseee!! Full to the brim...
      Thanks for being a lovely blog friend!

  4. Hello my lovely friend Maria
    Congratulations on your precious blog..It has been very special "meeting" you through this secret world and reading your kind and heartfelt words...your book looks very me, I shall put it on my list.. I have had so much pleasure talking to you Maria so thank you my friend, I raise a toast to another magical year !!
    Thea xx
    P S don't forget to water your Trinny plant!

  5. love you too maria xxxx! blogging has opened a whole new world to me too....so many like minded lovely people.have a very special valentines day x

    1. YOU are so lovely and I love your creative makes, Miss squirrel!

  6. Secrets....Ah!
    I'll let you all into a little secret....
    (After all my life's an open book).
    Maria....When your post appears on the Blogger
    Home Page...I click onto it.....I read once, twice,
    ogle the pussy-cats, then l go, make a lemon tea...!:).
    We Sicilians, are a very emotional people, different than
    Italians....Oh! Yes! We are...
    Be it something we read, see, or involved in...Whether it
    be family, friends or people in general....Or even our
    animal friends...
    So, here l am back again...With my lemon tea, and a dough-nut.
    I am not a shy person, HeHe! Far from it...If l'm required to
    stand up and preform, l will do so...And, making just one person
    laugh, is a wonderful feeling....Done it all my life, and for twelve
    years, l got paid for it....Never-the-less, it's a great life, if you
    don't weaken....!

    I'm getting carried away now...Some people would say...'The further
    the better'. :>). He! It's your fault this time Maria....Wonderful

    And, Trinny looks the cats whiskers...Are you sure she not a 'little'
    potty...! HeHe!
    Well..."There It Is".....Amen....!
    Cheers to your first anniversary Maria...May you have many more....Bless!

    And finally......
    Can l wish everyone.....
    Kung Hei Fat Choy.....(And, careful with the chopsticks).

    1. ~ And YOU my friend, Willie are a very special part of blogging too!
      YOUR comments make me chuckle always and very much make my day!!!

  7. I enjoy your blog posts too Maria and am so pleased you found your voice on blogger! I think we can all be more 'outgoing' when we are writing, I imagine I am doing it for myself but forget sometimes that people will also be reading what I have written.
    Trinny plant looks a fab one, I wonder if I could get one too!!?
    Happy first bloggiversary too.

  8. Hello Maria...what a LOVELY post :) I do love your blog, never fails to cheer me up and today I needed it after being in bed with terrible flu the past few days :( Isn't blogland great xx

  9. My mom would have called you a "sentimental duck" ... a nice compliment from her ... usually given with a hug ;) I'm so glad I found your blog (or you found mine I believe is the correct order) ... either way, I love to read your posts and listen to Scarborough Fair, and I always feel like I'm visiting an old and dear friend when I pop over here ... especially when you include photos of your tea (just poured), biscuits warm from the oven and little corners of your cozy home. Congratulations on your first year anniversary! I believe your cat will turn into a Pussy Willow tree by the way ... SOMEwhere in my piles of 'all things old' I have a picture of kittens growing out of buds on a pussy willow tree. If I come across it, I will post it just for you! XOXO Wendy (ps take care of your cold and feel better soon)

    1. I am thinking you and I Wendy could be brought together through our feelings for our Mums...I like the sound of the vintage kittens pussy willow picture.....Can't wait to see! Thank you so much for these words....I love your blog too!

  10. that's lovely Maria. I too find I don't buy magazines anymore. It's all here (well I do buy Mollie makes!) I had a dream last night about a piece or Rose Quartz! It stayed with me all night, and I realized that it was helping me connect to parts I had forgotten. Now I want to see if I can find the crystal! Anyway it was a nice dream! Have a good sunday, Heather x

    1. ~ I hope you can find it, Heather...
      Rose quartz is the crystal for 'Love'...
      There is meaning behind this, my friend!

  11. I always enjoy visiting your little space over here. Your little place always gives me a smile. :)

    BTW, I'm looking forward to seeing photographs of your "cat plant" after it has grown for a few months, tee hee. :)


  12. PRECIOUS MARIA! Whew...I was unable to get into your comments page, but now I am here.

    I am so tickled by your post and here is why:

    Blogland for me, over the last FIVE years, has proven to be a 100% positive experience that has changed my life. Writing every week for five years with a purpose has not only improved my mode of writing, but the first and foremost blessing have been the important connections with lovely friends. Keep going.

    It is interesting that you speak about the BLUE and communication. My dear friend from blogland and who lives in my area has spoken of the correlation of this color and communication. Aqua blue is my favorite color and I certainly ENJOY communicating!

    Speaking of FAIRIES; a blogger pal who ALSO lives in my area invited me to join her at our arboretum that is very upscaled and renowned. They are having a FAIRY GARDEN PARTY! I am going with her to meet for tea and a walk around a most enchanted environment. We all love our "escapes" but what I have found is that many of these escapes become our own realities. BLogland is wonderful in helping us get there whether it is through creative expression, support in difficult times or renovating a piece of furniture. The key is the FELLOWSHIP we have with each other.

    WOW, what an invigorating post! Love, Anita

    1. Lovely Anita...
      YOU are such a giver.....YOU have so many followers and yet you still manage to comment generously on each post...( so the followers are no surprise to me) I am one of your merry band of them!! Love your beautiful words of wisdom, my friend!

  13. Wow I was so excited to find out that Olivia had pulled my name out of the cloche hat, it has made my day! I'm so glad she encouraged you to write your first words.It has been a pleasure to meet you and I was enjoy visiting your blog! I can't find an email for you but if you email barky66@hotmail.co.uk I will send you my address.
    Sarah x

  14. Congratulations on your first year in blogland! 'Tis a jolly place to be. I suppose some nice soil in a flowerpot would be quite comfy really! x

  15. Maria wonderful you have had your first year in blogland congrats ~and here it is only my first month. I was happy you stopped by on my site, lovely posting you do. My ponies are out playing on my blog in the snow today if you want to stop back in and take a peek

  16. Congratulations Maria!
    I agree with all your feelings on blogging. If only it didn't take all day to read all the lovely ones! Perhaps we should all take one day off per week to explore Blogland.

  17. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary ! and I agree there are so many ..in fact tooooo many great blogs....we don't need to buy those magazines anymore with all that talent on blogland ! get well soon ! Happy pancake Tuesday ! Gail x