Elegant Rose

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Taking Time To Dream....

I'm going to be quiet for a little while...
~ May be just a week or two..

I have a calender just now that is bursting at all seams..
But all is well.
Busy Bee days...

Miss Olivia is viewing her choice in universities, you see..
And it seems my days off will be taken for a little while.
~ It only seems yesterday we viewed these with Dean.
Ooh my time flies ever so quickly...
I want to shout out some times..
"Slow down please...I just can't keep up"!

But I'll be back before you know it...
I'm just taking time out to dream a little...

Please keep well till I return....
Because you  really are the nicest of peeps!

Thank you for kindest comments on my last post, too!
They meant an awful lot...

Toddle ~ pip
just for now...
I'm missing you already!
Love and hugs

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Feeling Like Twitterpating...

Valentine true love folk lore..

'On Valentines day if a woman see's a robin
flying overhead she will marry a sailor.
If she see's a sparrow or two she will be happy but 
marry a poor man.
If however, it is a goldfinch she see's 
she will marry a millionaire'...
( Taken from a year in high heels
 by Camilla Morton.)

This very romantic week see's this little old blog
of mine...
~ being two years old.
I wonder just how that happened? 
Of course I had been reading and falling in love
with blog land for all the years that
I nursed my Mama  on her very long journey
with Alzheimer's disease..
"I must confess to breaking my' rosey tinted spec's' a number of times
 in those seven years"...
Ooh my.
~ My heart being at it's most heaviest in those sad days..
But time is a great healer and they did repair once again.
To wear with pride.

~ And I would like to say quite simply
" Thank you"!
For being my friends on here from
 far, far away...

It's been a little place for ramblings....
~ and a corner of my very own for
 putting feelings into words and pretty pictures..
Some times for healing sake.
But usually for merriment..
And I'm giddy with gratitude about the friendships 
I've made on here...

~ I always try with all my heart to 
be Rosey tinted..
I'm a 'glass half full ' person 
you see..
Always have been!

I will be having a  little give away in my very next post....
As a way of showing gratitude...
~ Some thing special I think chosen from Bumble Bee, maybe?
I will pop on my thinking cap!

~ And for those folks with ' Twitterpating' at
the forefront of their minds on
I would like to leave them with this.. 

The most romantic scene from of course,
( My favourite Disney movie of all time)

Have a day full to the very brim of
' Twitterpating', on Friday...
won't you?
Hugs and kisses
Maria x
PS...I am thinking  with all my heart, about those affected by the dreadful rainfall....
'Be' safe and keep cosy, my friends...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February Brings....

February brings...
China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires
and bowls of violets ~ That is my mental picture
of an agreeable February afternoon..
~ Constance Spry.
Simple abundance.

February arrives cold, wet and grey, her gifts disguised
 for only the most discerning spirits to see...

It's also the month for hosting one of the most romantic
dates on our calendars 

 Ooh Love is in the air...

Hurray for February!
and all her wonderful gifts of Snow drops and sweet smelling Hyacinths..
Yes, there's a whole lot of 'springy' loveliness 
around just now..

~ As always I'm reading and appreciating..
All that is good around me ...
There is no friend as loyal as a book
(Ernest Hemingway)...

February brings a whole lot of planting and plotting and
dreaming and scheming of spring time, that's sure to follow..

Stroke the cat, caress the dog.
Lavish kindness on every living being you meet..
See how different you feel by the end of the day.
( Taken from simple abundance)
But most of all take time to dream...
Hugs and twinkles

PS.  I have also attached my little ramblings from my little
day job at Bumble Bee at the Hive...


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