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Sunday, 22 July 2012


'Nowadays we are all of us so hard up that the only pleasant things to pay are compliments.'
- Oscar Wilde.

Hello there!
I love the above quote, as this is where I am going with my posts today....
Saying "thank you" for gifts I have received.
I have been treated  and treated myself in more ways than one this week!
My friend lovely Claire from Thriftwood blog  came to visit on Friday and if you can imagine us two vintage girls together!
Well we did have a lovely time......
She brought with her this lovely gift, the Olympic collection mug by Cath Kidston complete with wild flowers.....
Isn't it lovely!
Thank you Claire, you know it has pride of place...

Also on the same day a beautiful parcel arrived from lovely Sophie (Fading grace Blog)
I couldn't wait to get it open......
I knew what it was of course, but couldn't have been more delighted!

This Pussy Willow vintage bag!!
I fell in love with this bag ages ago....
I needed to have a sort out though, as I wanted to 'tith ' (give away) some of my other bags..
This is letting some thing else go to a good home, before you purchase.
And that is what I did!
It is my bag to take to London (my good luck bag)
Thank You Sophie.

Another feel good thing is watching this delightful movie....
Have you seen it I wonder...
'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.'
I enjoyed it so much, as I love Dev Patel (Slum dog Millionaire)
And also the brilliant Bill Nighy of course.
We seem to be watching a lot of movie s recently, I am thinking it is because of our shabby British summer!
But I do like a good Film!

Another thing I have been buying lots of  lately is cake decorations and cup cases in Union Jack style of course.
I may have mentioned in a earlier post that I am not the best at baking, unlike most of you blogging ladies...
Soo goodness knows when these will be put to use!!
They do look pretty on my shelves though. haha...

I will close today on the conversation between my man and son the other evening via telephone....
Dean had been training at 'The Alexandra Stadium', in Birmingham, which incidently is the holding camp for the Jamaican Olympic team right now.
"I shared the gym with just one other athlete Dad, last night."
"Oh who was that Deano?"
"Just Usain Bolt."
Husbando's reply was...
"Oh did he ask for your autograph son!"
It made me smile!

Wishing you all a week full of magic moments!
Love Maria x
Thank you for always dropping by too!
You really are lovely!


  1. Hi Maria: Love the comment your hubby made to son. Was he excited to have met Usain Bolt? Congratulations on your lovely gifts and you will be off to London in style. Can't wait to get bits and pieces of your time there..Happy Sunday..Judy

    1. Hi, Judy, thank you for these comments...

  2. Hi Maria,
    What a special moment for Dean to share the gym with Usain Bolt, I'm sure he will tresure that memory for a long time to come.
    I love all your gifts especially that Cath Kidston mug. Thank you reminding me about the Marigold Hotel, we were going to watch it at the cinema and never got there in time so will have to rent it.
    Have a great week.
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah,
      Usain Bolt actually had to ask to use the facilities in Birmingham Alexander Stadium, not being a training athlete at the University campus like Dean! haha how crazy is this!
      But we will keep this to our selves...

  3. Hi Maria, Your husbands comment really made me smile. I bet Dean was amazed to be sharing a gym with Usian Bolt, what an great time he's having. As one of my friends would say 'it must be sign'. Does this mean Dean will win Gold? Fingers crossed I really hope so. What lovely gifts you've received, the bag is gorgeous. Will have to watch the Marigold Hotel, as you mentioned it has a great cast. Have a lovely week. Ali x

    1. Hi Ali,
      I am glad we have each others email address's now.
      your parcel is on its way!!

  4. Usain Bolt WOW and I love the comment above me as yes damn right it's a sign as Deano is mixing with the best as he is the best :) you see with me I love the Olympics it's amazing as I absolutely love sport and I will have great fun watching it but then you have the Paralympics and that is a whole different thing to me to me this is the best of the best because not only are they amazing they have also beat the odds against there own disabilities and the pain barrier to be up there with the best is so much harder so Paralympics is the one we watch with tears down our faces as it means so much more x and p.s love the pussy willow bag so very cute x

    1. Hello Mrs LBF...
      Your comments are so kind and I can tell you have running in your blood!If truth be told I actually live with a family of athletes am afraid...
      No wonder I need some vintage loveliness!

  5. Hello Maria, I'm so pleased you like it, I didn't realise that you and Claire lived close, how lovely...the mug is gorgeous.
    Your story made me smile....x

    1. Yep Claire and I are almost neighbours really!
      I really really love the bag...
      Thank you Sophie.

  6. It certainly is nice to have friends who remember us and give us little special goodies on occasion. Seems like you got some good ones too. I LOVE your good luck bag. :)

    1. Hiya Mara,
      Aww thank you for this sweet comment!

  7. Loving that mug, mrs and may well have to creep over to CK's website and get me one of those. You must be bursting with pride, Usain Bolt! Flipping Ada, how fantastic! I'd have a banner outside my house and go out every day wearing a sandwich board if one of my kids was in the Olympics. Great showing off possibilities there!
    I went past the stadium on the train a couple of weeks ago and it's almost done, just some trimming (not pom poms) to finish off by the looks of it. It still feels strange to me that they've built it where they have! Right bang in the middle of the East End, a couple of miles from where I came from. Makes me feel proud though that it's all happening in my London!
    Happy Monday, mrs!

    1. Hiya Missy!
      always lovely to have you stop by!

  8. Hiya Maria! Lovely, lovely post ... Usain Bolt would be very privileged to have Dean's autograph, I think! Love your bag too, am sure you will us it as much I use mine ...

    See you soon,

    Claire xxx

    1. Thanks Mrs Thriftwood!
      Enjoy your visit with Jacob.

  9. How lovely Maria, sweet friends, pretty gifts, a good film, and Usain Bolt.. It doesn't get much better than that!
    Lovely pics

    Thea x

    1. Thanks Thea,
      Your comments are always so sweet!

  10. Cuantos regalos!! son regalos de buena suerte.Saludos

    1. Hola Sara,
      am popping over to you and will enjoy some sunshine there!

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know you are here! Gosh there is so much nostalgis in your posts, I've really enjoyed reading through them! Ada :)

    1. Hello and Welcome Ada,
      I love your blog!

  12. That was such a lovely post!! Loved the comment that his dad made about Usain Bolt!! I bet Dean was thrilled and he must be really excited too.
    Loving your gorgeous things and the Cath Kidston mug is really fab!

    1. Thank you Anne! Actually Dean took it all in his stride about Usain Bolt being his gym mate!! hehe.

  13. haha I can just imagine that conversation ! I loved the film Marigold Hotel too . and the cup from Claire is super cute !! Have a nice week...Gail x

    1. I bet you can Mrs!!
      You know my lot though...
      Gonna pop over to yours shortly!

  14. I love all the treasures on your dresser! I spy some Greegate tins...I have those too! What a treat to receive those gifts..lucky you. :0)

    1. Hello!
      You caught my addiction for Green gate, love it more than Cath kidston really!!
      thanks for popping in on me!

  15. I love your new bag - the fabric is so pretty. You must hardly be able to contain yourself with excitement for your son. When are you off to London? xxx

  16. We will go for the Paralympicis Lily they are held after the Olympics...
    soo the end of August....
    thanks for stopping by!!

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  18. What a lot of lovely goodies Maria. Have a great time in London xxx

  19. Ooo, I just love Oscar Wilde, what a great quote!
    I just adore your dresser top..... so sweet! :D
    I'm no great baker either, I just go along with it because I love all the baking paraphernalia so much! ;D
    Have a great weekend!

  20. Your husband's comment made me laugh - too right! :) I just adore that pussy willow bag! I must rent that film as I missed it at the cinema - I thought it looked good in the trailer. Best wishes, Pj x