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Monday, 16 July 2012

Cloud Nine.........

I am still up here on Cloud Nine after our wonderful news, on my last post!
Thank you lovely peeps for your lovely best wishes for Deano...
They were of the kindest indeed.

I must admit that I keep getting twinges of excitement and anticipation about the Olympic's  starting very shortly!
Hasn't it just been our year in Old-blighty for celebrations....
With the Queens Diamond jubilee and all... 
Anyways on the day we heard the fab news for Dean, we were enjoying a lovely day in Kendal.

The post card above is one of my dear mums, post dated 1938, with greetings from her dear Aunty, inviting My Grandma and Mum to come and visit her in Kendal and stay over..
Mum would just be a small child then...
They always loved to visit as Mum's Aunty owned a small farm and this is where Brownie Bear was homed (previous post) during the war years...
such nostalgia!!
Kendal is situated on the gate way to the lake district.
And is very famous for its Kendal mint cake...

We had a lovely cream tea here....
Love the name (Truly Scrumptious)
And it was indeedy!

Then we walked and Kendal was lovely and pretty with the sun shining, although it had been flooded badly the week before...
You could still see sand bags out side some of the shops too...
I would have loved to have taken lots of photographs but, I'm afraid, I just got carried away with the wonderful news....

I did buy biscuits and Union Jacks and Tea towels and any memorabilia that I could lay my hands on that day though!! haha...

But I have calmed down a little and I'm enjoying a little puttering and reading (gift from a lovely friend) Alan Titchmarch's  a year in the garden....
For anyone who is interested, channel four will be running the first advertisement for our Paralympions on Tuesday evening..
Dean was invited to a terribly posh evening gala on Saturday in our capital where all the athletes attended and received there kits and opening ceremony suits..
Various big name sponsors were also attending.
The Paralympic  advertisement for the games was played for the first time and in Deans words,"sent shivers of excitement down his spine"....

If you are not a sporty type and don't care to watch our Olympics, do try and pop into the paralympics, if you can. I am sure like me you will be humbled, excited and so very proud indeed of these fine athletes!!
I will close with this cute picture of Bad Puss willow....

Well it wouldn't be  a proper post without a moggie picture, would it!!
Wishing you all a week of cheeriness!!
And thank you for always stopping by...
Love Maria x


  1. Hello Maria
    Lovely to read your memories about your family past, I to have some old family postcards, and I try to imagine what life was like then... We shall be watching out for Dean, the commitment and effort our athletes display is so very humbling, I love Alan Titchmarch books, I think it how he writes them, I meet him once, a very sweet man. As for puss, looks like it is game over!
    Thank you so much for you lovely comments they mean a lot
    Thea x

    1. Thank you Thea,
      always lovely to have you pop in too!

    2. And yes Mr Titchmarsh, has such a way with words...
      A summery read, even if we have no summer!!

  2. What a lovely post Maria! Ooh that tea room does indeed look truly scrumptious! Will definitely be watching the Olympics and will keep an eye out for your Dean.
    Victoria xx

  3. Hello, I am just catching up on my blog reading and I just wanted to add my Congratulations to your fabulous news on your previous post. You must be so very proud. Please pass on my 'Good Luck' wishes to your son X

    1. Hello!
      always lovely to have you visit Miss V.K.
      I love your blog soo much!!
      And thank you for your good wishes!

  4. Oh wow congratulations to Dean and I will be looking out for him, you will have to let us know when he'll be on the tele!

  5. Hi Maria,Thanks for sharing your lovely memories and your wonderful day out. I really love seeing your photos, you have such pretty things in them. I'll be watching out for Dean at the paraolympics. He should be really proud of himself, it's a fantastic achievement. Ali x

  6. Hi Maria I'm just catching up with my blog reading.What a brilliant time for you and Dean! How fantastic and what a great honour to be representing his country at the paralympics.I hope you can get to watch him compete.I would like to wish him all the best!

    1. Hi anne!
      Yep all our family has tickets, so we will be there!!

  7. Hi Maria - its so exciting for you all. What is Dean's sport?

    1. Hello Lily,
      Dean's sport is the 1500 metres!
      Aww thats a long time a around that track!

  8. Hola Maria,creo que debe de ser increible participar en unos juegos olimpicos,me encántan tus fotos de la escapada.Saludos desde España.

    1. Hola Sara,
      Thank you so kindly for your visits!

  9. Hello Maria,
    I found you over at Sarah's "Down by the sea"..
    I like the way you write and your blog looks lovely.
    I would like to congratulate you and especially your son Dean for being accepted for the paralympics.. how wonderful..you must all be over the moon. I usually watch as much as i can..and i like to give some of my time to the paralympics..there are some jolly fantastic athletes.
    I like the post card of your mum.. how nice that you still have it.
    Love your lamp shade.
    I am following you.
    Wishing you a good week
    hope to maybe see you my side of the Atlantic

    1. Hello and welcome Val!
      Lovely to fall upon your blog too!

  10. Super post. I can well understand why you are on Cloud Nine - who wouldn't be in the circumstances. Congratulations to Dean.
    Have a good week.

  11. Very exciting times Maria! Hopefully will see advert tonight ... any idea when it's showing? Dean deserves all this so much ... hope to see you soon, Claire xxx

  12. Hello Mary,
    I'm happy for your son, Dean,
    it is an honor!
    The memories are always exciting
    and we ensure a good future.
    Susy Love x

  13. I will be watching :) My brother is one of the Olympic and Paralympics chauffeurs so you never know he might be your son's driver. What an amazing experience for him and your family and how proud and excited you must be feeling its a big huge WOW that he is right up there the best in the country and being noticed for that, you stay right up there on cloud nine :) x

    1. Hello!
      I love that your brother could be Deano's chauffeur!!
      Have popped in on you for a chat, over on yours too!!

  14. I hope Dean's race will be on TV - I hope to watch it! I would say Good Luck - but it's nothing to do with luck, is it? Talent & True Grit, more like.

  15. Aww thank you Nilly!
    Yep Deano,s race is going to be televised, I would imagine, as a Stadium race...
    Aww am feeling soo nervous for him! The talent , hard work and shear dedication is so true, as in any sport!!
    To be one of the best, there has to be a lot of commitment!
    Thank you for always popping in on me too!

  16. Hi Maria: I'm so glad to meet you and so happy that we are now new followers of each other. Don't you just love Thea? Your blog is wonderful, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get here. I love the way you tell the stories and congratulations to your handsome son, Dean. I didn't know what the excitement was all about so had to look back at your previous posts. What an honor and how wonderful that the games are in your country this time. I am looking forward to seeing more of England and being able to feel like I'm on vacation there. My husband and I are great fans of the games, but, sadly, there is not a whole lot of coverage for paralympics in the States. Hopefully we can find a channel that will show them.. Thanks for your kind comments on my little birds and please visit again soon. I will vcatch up with you also..Happy Wednesday..Judy

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  18. Hi Maria,
    Your jars all ready to be posted off to you so can you contact me at
    alibeecreations@hotmail.co.uk with your address. I'll let you know when I post it. Hopefully Monday but I'm off with a friend and her daughter to look at wedding dresses, so excited and honoured I can go along, so may get to Tuesday. Have a lovely weekend. Ali x

  19. What a lovely cheery post! Firstly, HUGE congratulations to your son for getting a place in the Paralympics... you must be SO so proud (and extreamly excited)
    I hope you enjoyed your cream tea outing in Kendal. I adore Kendal mint cake, I haven't had any in years! YUM.
    Thank you for your kind coments on my recent post by tyhe way. Enjoy your weekend.

    Louise xx

    1. Hi Louise,
      soo kind of you to stop by...
      I have always loved your blog!

  20. Hello Maria,
    Get comfy there on Cloud nine because you've got more to be proud about I'm sure. Isn't it wonderful I feel so happy for you!!
    The cream tea and Kendal sounds great...I've always wanted to go to the Lake District ..haven't got there yet..one day!!!

    Thanks for your comments on my post

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. What a lovely comment Amanda!
      Thank youx
      Yep we are very lucky living only 20 minutes away from the Lake District!!
      Love Mariax