Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Touching Base...

It feels ages since I've managed to write a little blog post..
So today's the day ....

Hello !

I am here whilst my little lap top lets me..
Awfully slow and rather temperamental , she can be.
If the truth be told , I am a thinking she's on her last legs... 
Sad but true...
Thank you all those who visited on my last post..
Awfully nice of you !
I still do pop in on you all. 
I just can't comment , unless ' Netty ' , that's my lap tops name ,
will allow me..

 I'm really loving connecting and meeting up with blog buddies in
Instagram world too ..
It seems rather easy , after the business of the blog ..

Where do I start..
So much has been going  on .
It feels a little strange writing here , after so long..

This afternoon , I have waved 'goodbye ' to Dean.
Been simply wonderful having him home  over the weekend.
The house always feels rather still and quiet , after 'the visit' !
Chats in the kitchen at breakfast time.....
~ And the flow of meal times..
But hey ho ...
They have grown and flown and that's the just of life ...
~ Its always changing ..


Today's been dreadfully cold and windy !
In total honesty , May's been quite 'The let down '..

We seem to nestle down after tea , very much like we did 
during the winter months...
The kitties always enjoy my days at home..
Fires lit , lots of fresh food..
and of course a cosy knee to rest upon..
Great life , if you have a good home.

Last month I celebrated being 'Fifty '!
With a fancy dress party , playing Motown and Northern Soul music.
It was great fun and a real giggle ..
I guessed it was the best way to approach this grand old age..
I am really chuffed to say that I raised a few
pennies for my favourite charities as well as a few eyebrows at
my party !
I went blond for the evening , just to really see if they have more fun !
hehe !
~ It could be true .. 

I'm going to close for now..
I have posted this already , but sadly it just disappeared 
to who knows where !
Bye for now ..
Be well and happy !
Hugs Maria x 

PS ..Its lovely to chat to you once again !


  1. So lovely to hear from you. (I have 6 months to my 50th!) It is lovely to have them home from uni isn't it. Take care x

    1. Hi Daffy ! Ooh you'll be celebrating big time too ! Dean lives in Birmingham now ! ๐Ÿ˜ž Uni days over for him quite some time ago ! Yep always great to see them ..Keep well lovely you x

    2. Wow is good to be back with my ex again, thank you Dr Ekpen for the help, I just want to let you know that is reading this post in case you are having issues with your lover and is leading to divorce and you don’t want the divorce, Dr Ekpen is the answer to your problem. Or you are already divorce and you still want him/her contact Dr Ekpen the spell caster now on (ekpentemple@gmail.com) and you will be clad you did

  2. Happy to see you here again! I love your photos on instagram, but it is so nice to see your post! May here in our area of the US has been strange, days of warmth and then cold and freezing temps. Some areas have had snow again!! Stay warm by your hearth!

    1. Thanks Diane x nice to connect with you on IG !

  3. "Oh! look Willie...A new Blog" "Yes! So l see".
    "Looks really, really nice...Lovely photos..and look
    a pussy~cat". :).
    "Hang on, hang on...This is Rosey Tinted What's it's
    from where ever". "So tis..Bless!". HeHe! (Dig..Dig)!

    Nice to hear from you Maria....You should have got a new
    lap~top for yer burfday...Glad you had a good one....50...
    Wow! Catching me up...Still the old Motown/Soul will keep
    ya going...Look what it does for me! :).
    As the main man says...."Keep gett'in on down...Keep it funky".
    HeHe! Bless! =^o.o^=

    "Some days are dry, some days are leaky..Some days come clean,
    other days are sneaky..Some days take less, but most days take
    more..Some slip through your fingers and onto the floor".

  4. Often think of you , Willie .. Good advice on a new lap- top ! Today I'm ' sneakily ' using Mr RTS's IPad ! Ssshhh don't tell him x it took me a couple of hours yesterday to do that tiny post .. I had lots to tell but I'm thinking my IG account is perhaps more ' me ' now ! Keep well , Willie ..

  5. What a lovely pinny Maria! I should have a look at Instagram, but I'm addicted to Pinterest!

  6. Lovely to hear from you. Have missed your posts. Will have to look at Instagram but am still welded to the wonders of pinterest. Love the bunny piccie ... Looks just like I feel.

  7. Dear Maria, it was such a lovely treat to have a visit from you. I've missed chatting with you. Happy 50th to you my dear, it sounds as though your party was a lot of fun! I’ve opened an Instagram account but have no idea how to use it, as soon as I do I will look out for you. xx

  8. Hello Maria, I just noticed that you followed us, and I came right over and followed you as well. So sorry, I just saw it. Blogger acts up sometimes, and we miss some things. You have such a lovely blog, and I see that you haven't posted since May. Do you think you'll be posting again soon? I hope you are well, and have a lovely week ahead.


  9. Hi Maria, I love your feed on Instagram and when I saw you had a blog I just couldn't resist coming over for a visit! I'm so glad I did, it's beautiful here too! Have a lovely Wednesday!
    Jess xx