Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January Pinks....

~ They say January really isn't the month to be
relentlessly pursuing new years resolutions.....
contemplating them, yes preparing for them, maybe...
but for optimum success we are better of waiting till
February to put plans into action..

That's good enough for me ...
Because today instead of thinking of
The January Blues...
I'm thinking of The January Pinks...
~ and that's a whole lot better, isn't it?
~ I've read recently that mother nature doesn't rush about...
She doesn't change from one season to the next...
~ It's not Summer one day and then Autumn the next...
And that I believe is good advice.

~ Today because my camera has been awfully naughty..
I've put together a post of past pictures...
Those that made me feel happy...
and warm inside..

~ And some that made me think home and cosy..

For Willie..
(El Pedro and Trinity)
One moment in each others arms and the next fighting terribly..

Much like an old married couple!!

~ And just because it's raining cats and dogs outside..
( I do wonder whether to send out a dove)

Inside it's cosy and warm...
Tuesday's are my days to just be..

I'm trying my very hardest to think that
~  with out rain there simply wouldn't be rainbows...
( But it's ever so hard)

Above my little house last week!

Yes, today I'm most certainly thinking January pinks..
~ I've even kept my fairy lights out to give 
January a little sparkle all of her own...
I'll take them down when more light appears in our days..

Take time to dream...
We are almost there..
The earth appears to be sleeping...
But look closely, very closely...
The ignition switch of a new season is slowly being lit...

( Beautiful card above from moon light and Hares blog)

~ Keep cosy and dry...
But most of all keep your chin up!
~ Can you really believe it's the month of LOVE on Saturday!
And for me that's a blog anniversary of two years...
Wishing you a day full of January pinks.....

Cats know all the best places...
Don't they just!
PS...Willow will be on my next post..
~ She just didn't want to come out and play today!!
Hugs and kisses

Friday, 24 January 2014

Alligators, Old Mink and New Money....

'Tucked in a drawer in my mother's dresser I found
an old navy slip whose fabric felt like butter in my hands.
 I knew that my mother had tucked away hundreds 
of such items throughout the house ~ from her youth, from childhoods
of my my sisters and brothers and me 
~but I didn't know that this had belonged to my grandmother until
I asked if I could borrow it.
I put it on, and if fit beautifully, I clinched the waist
with an inexpensive black stretchy belt and 
completed the outfit with sexy, strappy sandals, 
and a python ~ patchwork clutch.
As I prepared to leave the house, my Father was baffled.
" Where's your dress?" he asked.
" This is my dress, I told him......"
Taken with kindness from one of my most favourite books!
Alligators, old mink and New Money.
~By Alison Houtte and Melissa Houtte.

 Lovely blog world....
I've read this book not once but three times..
~ I loved it from start to finish...
It's a old book and has been in my collection for quite some time...
~ Parts of it remind me of Bumble Bee...
( my little place of work)
The peeps that I meet and their stories and tales they have to tell....
And other pages remind me of my past....
 I wore an awful lot of old ~ vintage clothes from my Grandma
in my 'hey day' eighties...
The above extract reminds me very much of now!
~ Mr Rosey Tinted Spec's  often asks
" Just where is the dress"!!!.... ~ as Miss Olivia leaves the house...
~ Clothes can seem very short these days!!


The book tells the story of
One woman's adventures in Vintage Clothing....

And the interesting folks that pass through her shop door!
~ to buy the clothes that capture their memories...

This week has seen me letting go of a little of old ~
~ in order to make room for a little of new....

I have three bags for charities...

I've also had a little spend...
I've been saving my pennies for a rainy day since before 
~ And goodness knows we've had days and days of these....
This week I invested in the above little dress...
~ It's by Noa Noa .
~ and I am over the moon to say..
" It cost me a fraction of the price being in the late January Sales....
I'm a happy bunny, when this happens!

I was also treated this week to this beautiful corsage!
It's very lovely and was made as a gift for me by Lucy, a lovely customer
and indeed friend..
I meet the nicest peeps in my little day job, I really do!

Another peek!
The fabric is Liberty, and ever so pretty!

~ Thank you for kindest words on my last story telling's too...
~ They mean a lot...x
I bet my bottom dollar that you have a story attached to a
special some thing that you wore once upon a time...
~ I know I have a few....
But that's another post!

Take time to dream...
Maria x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Finding Your'e Own Wings...

The full moon in January..
Thursday 16th.

The full wolf moon.
According to lore, under this moon, wolves would howl
in hunger outside Native American villages.
When the moon is full in January, people tend to eat too
much, drink too much and play to much trying very hard to fill
a Winter emptiness inside...
(The girl who chased the moon)

Our week here at home started excitedly!
On Monday, Miss Olivia passed her driving test..
And I won the lottery!
They say that luck can come all at once..
~ Olivia's wanted to drive since the beginning of time!
~ And I must confess, it's been a 'wish' in the
 wish box too!

I'm not a driver!
Yikes no, the roads are much safer with out me on them!
~ But Olivia, I believe has found her own wings..
~ and learnt to fly!

~ Mr Rosey Tinted Spectacles passed his test when he was
just nineteen too..
~ But I've never needed wheels or wings for that matter  to get
 me from one old place to another.....
I've always been able to do this quite nicely by myself..
Let me explain.

~ Many moons ago when I was quite small....
I could be stood  in assembly with all my friends at school
 and yet not be really there at all..
I had a way of magically disappearing in my mind!
~ to some where I really wanted to be.
~Some times it scared me as I could feel quite light 
and almost out of my very own body!
But for the most it was exiting and I could drift off
to some where more interesting...
Usually outside in the playing friends or in the nature garden to
the side of the school gates...

I remember telling my Mama, who said
 "It was most probably
my age".
But I knew she understood, because she could do this too.
she said we both needed to ground our energies...
and all would be well.
~ she also said" We were quite lucky to have this gift
of escapism"... handed down to us..
and I suppose we were...


~ I wasn't really sure just how to ground my self, but days were filled with growing up! 
and because my Mama moved house, almost every time the wind changed...
I forgot about the day dreams..
And just got on with
 filling my boots with real life!

I tend to only dream at bed times now.....
Some times they seem ever so real.

But I do always wear my' Rosey Tinted spectacles' in the day, of course!!

Wishing you a week full of lovely day dreams.
~ and hoping you are keeping as cosy as' kitten's in mitten's'...
Love Maria x
 After word
(I will be sending my £25.00 winnings to water aid.)